Evie Hayes

  • SPONSORED: For the benefit of schools and pupils: Researchers in Schools

    For the benefit of schools and pupils: Researchers in Schools The start of a new calendar year brings teacher recruitment for the forthcoming academic year into sharp focus. The need for new members of staff is often combined with the question of how to develop pedagogical practice to benefit both pupils and colleagues alike. Step

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  • SPONSORED: The change process, parents and Relationships, Sex and Health Education

    Consulting parents about the school Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy is a requirement of the new legislation which applies from September 2020. Schools might be apprehensive about how to approach this, but with some preparation it can be a really positive opportunity to strengthen relationships with parents and carers. Here are some of the

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  • Trading places: how a trust broke down barriers

    Two headteachers and a director of school improvement in Nottinghamshire have swapped roles for two years. It’s a move that has nudged them out of their comfort zones . . .  Forget the US reality TV show Wife Swap. An academy trust in Nottinghamshire has gone one better by encouraging three senior leaders to switch

    5.00 Jul. 16th, 2019 | Features

  • We must equip youngsters for increasingly rapid change

    Why are we educating the young for the low-paid, low-productivity present, instead of the workplace challenges of the future? ask Estelle Morris and David Blunkett Few will be surprised when we say that there is absolutely nothing new about a sense of disconnect between education ministers and the teaching profession. As former education secretaries, we

    5.00 Jun. 16th, 2019 | Opinion