The Education Select Committee has today revealed its report into the ‘Trojan Horse’ investigations.

It raises concerns that:

– Too many agencies were involved in the investigations. There were five in total.

– It is not clear why Ofsted initially rated some Birmingham schools as outstanding, but downgraded to inadequate on re-inspection.

– Given no evidence was found of an actual ‘plot’ to ‘take over’ schools then the reaction from government seems overblown.

It recommends that the Department for Education should now:

1. Ensure more coordination between inquiries by different agencies in the future

2. Draw together the recommendations from all the investigations and set out one response

3. Keep under review the DfE’s arrangements for sharing information effectively between the various bodies responsible for oversight of schools

4. Make an annual written ministerial statement on the priorities and achievements of the DfE’s Due Diligence and Counter Extremism Division

5. Continue to monitor the situation in the individual schools affected in Birmingham to ensure that the students receive the education they deserve


Do these seems like the most appropriate recommendations? Will they be implemented? Your questions, comments and reactions welcome in the reply section below.


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  1. As far as these schools are concerned, what’s happened has happened. The most important recommendation in my opinion is the fifth one. These are children’s futures we are talking about here. These schools need all the help they can get to move forward now. They need help to recruit the best staff who can deliver the best education. Anything less than that is unacceptable. What we need to remember is that the Trojan Horse affair affected these children the most. It is our collective responsibility to ensure these effects are minimum and do not cast a lasting shadow over the lives of these children.