Will the Conservatives really remove the faith school 50% cap?

With no mention in the Queen’s speech, and its chief architect Nick Timothy no longer in post, the Government’s plan to remove the faith school admissions cap might, just might be dead in the water, argues Andrew Copson In September last year, Theresa May announced plans to remove the limits on religious selection at new and existing free schools, effectively ushering in a brand new era of religiously segregated schooling. Behind her was Nick Timothy, the chief architect of the proposal and her now-ex chief-of-staff. The so-called ’50 per cent cap’, which for the last 10 years has required all new religious schools to keep at least half their places open to any local child, irrespective of religion, has been hugely successful on its own terms. It has massively boosted the access of local parents to local schools, and religious schools that have opened since the cap was introduced are significantly more diverse than schools that select all of their places on the basis of religion. But despite this, Timothy has long been a vocal and dogmatic critic of the cap, arguing government should abolish the rule. His argument: “It is effectively discriminatory for Roman Catholics: it prevents them from … Continue reading Will the Conservatives really remove the faith school 50% cap?