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Movers & Shakers: Who’s new this week?

Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Sophy Bellis, Headteacher, Lakelands Academy
Start date: April 2018
Previous job: Assistant headteacher,Lakelands Academy
Interesting fact: To unwind,Sophy spends time on her own narrowboat on the canals.


John Dibdin, Headteacher, Lanchester Community Free School
Start date: April 2018
Previous job: Headteacher,Mount Pleasant Lane School
Interesting fact: John’s hobby is stone carving.


Nicky EdmondsonChief executive, Excalibur Academies Trust
Start date: September 2018
Previous job: Principal,St John’s Marlborough
Interesting fact: Nicky’s great-grandmother was a Romany gypsy who smoked a clay pipe.


Jennifer Lowry-Johnson, Principal, Ormiston Chadwick Academy
Start date: April 2018
Previous job: Associate vice-principal,Ormiston Chadwick Academy
Interesting fact: Jennifer is a die-hard Liverpool supporter and once refused a publicity photograph with Ryan Giggs as he played for Manchester United at the time.


Sarah Matthews, Headteacher, Truro High School for Girls
Start date: September 2018
Previous job: Acting headteacher,St Mary’s School
Interesting fact: Sarah loves to read – especially about anthropology.


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