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Movers & Shakers: Who’s new this week?

Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Jeremy Quartermain, Headteacher, Rossall School
Start date: August 2018
Previous job: Deputy head, Brentwood School
Interesting fact: Jeremy attended the Junior Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and was a member of the National Youth Wind Orchestra.


Andrew Browne, Headteacher, Wantage CE Primary School
Start date: September 2018
Previous job: Headteacher, St Nicholas CE Primary School
Interesting fact: Andrew is passionate about the outdoors. He leads a beaver scout group and a scout group in his spare time, and spends most summer weekends hiking up mountains or sitting around a campfire.


Jo Read, Executive headteacher, North Walsham Infant School and North Walsham Junior School
Start date: September 2018
Previous job: Headteacher, Worstead Primary School
Interesting fact: Jo is a classically trained violinist, and holds a degree in music.


Sam Freedman, Chief executive, Ark’s Education Partnerships Group
Start date: June 2018
Previous job: Executive director, Teach First
Interesting fact: Aged 11, Sam won notoriety at school by shouting “Norman Lamont’s resigned” into every classroom after he’d heard the news.


Stuart brooks, Headteacher, Sanders School
Start date: September 2018
Previous job: Deputy head, School 21
Interesting fact: Not only did Stuart and his two brothers all become teachers, they also all married teachers.


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