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Movers & Shakers: Who’s new this week?

Your weeky guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Simon Knight, Director of Whole School SEND, London Leadership Strategy

Start date: July 2017
Previous job: Director of education at the National Education Trust
Interesting fact about yourself: Knight was a teaching assistant before becoming a teacher and has been involved in writing both the professional standards for TAs and the standard for teachers’ professional development.


Lynsey Draycott, Headteacher, Barr Beacon School

Start date: May 2017
Previous job: Associate head of Barr Beacon School
Interesting fact about yourself: Draycott used to run her own restaurant in Wales, and was one of the first advanced skills teachers in the Midlands. A keen runner, she has competed in 10k off-road runs and the Tough Mudder challenge.


Dan Alipaz, Director of operations, The Aurora Group

Start date: April 2017
Previous job: Director of operations at the Ruskin Mill Trust
Interesting fact about yourself: Alipaz was born in the USA but qualified as a teacher in the UK. Throughout his career, he has taught all levels from key stage 3 to university. As a semi-professional surfer he has surfed all over the world, including the pipeline in Hawaii. Alipaz had a short spell as an academic, and is published in philosophy and language.


Michael Seaton, Headteacher, Huddersfield Grammar School

Start date: September 2017
Previous job: Head of senior school at Brighton College Al Ain, Abu Dhabi
Interesting fact about yourself: Seaton has worked in a range of British and international schools from Suffolk to Jakarta. He will return to the UK with his two Arabian saluki dogs.


Arnet Donkin, Executive principal, Exeter Deaf Academy

Start date: September 2017
Previous job: Interim principal at Exeter Deaf Academy
Interesting fact about yourself: Donkin has 30 years’ experience in teaching, leadership and education advisory work, with the majority spent in special needs. He is a cofounder of the Mirror Mirror Playback theatre in Devon.


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