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Movers & Shakers: Who’s new this week?

Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Anna Myatt, Head of school, Forest Hall School

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Associate head, Forest Hall School
Interesting fact: At 16, Anna had the option to train as a ballet teacher, but chose to become a school teacher.


Zeba Clarke, Deputy head (academic), King Edward’s School Witley

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Head of English and academic enrichment, King William’s College
Interesting fact: Zeba is a former journalist specialising in energy and economics.


Stephen Plume, Principal, Iceni Academy Methwold

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Associate principal, Iceni Academy Methwold
Interesting fact: Stephen is one of the UK’s leading experts on sausages. Nicknamed the “Sausage King” by the press, he gets invited around the country to meet sausage makers and butchers to feature on his blog


Emma Owner, Principal, Iceni Academy Hockwold

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Head of school, Iceni Academy Hockwold
Interesting fact: Emma learned to swim in the sea, and swam her first mile aged 10. She once saved her friend from drowning, but nearly drowned herself eight years ago when she crossed a channel.


Rachel McFarlane, Director of education services, Herts for Learning

Start date: April 2018
Previous job: Principal, Isaac Newton Academy
Interesting fact: Rachel set up Going for Great, a programme designed for leaders of schools rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted, to develop and learn from each other and support the schools around them.


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