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Movers & Shakers: Who’s new this week?

Your weekly guide to who’s new and who’s leaving

Hywel Jones, Primary director, Inspiration Trust

Start date: 2018 (pending his replacement)
Previous job: Headteacher at West London Free School
Interesting fact: Hywel is a keen road cyclist and takes part in ultra-endurance Alpine events.


Chas Parker, Director of IT, Academies Enterprise Trust

Start date: November 2017
Previous job: Head of IT, CRI
Interesting fact: David has a pedigree Hungarian Puli dog called Sabi who is now 11 years old.


Becky Allen, Professor of Education, UCL Institute of Education

Start date: January 2018
Previous job: Director, Education Datalab
Interesting fact: Becky’s middle name is Frances, which means she almost shares the same name as her new boss – Becky Francis.


Elroy Cahill, Headteacher, City Heights E-ACT Academy

Start date: October 2017
Previous job: Vice-principal, E-ACT’s The Crest Academy
Interesting fact: Elroy was the first person in his family to go into higher education.


Nicola Bull, Headteacher, St Edmund Girls School

Start date: October 2017
Previous job: Deputy headteacher, St Edmund’s Girls’ School
Interesting fact: Nicola has designed a system for monitoring the quality of teaching, learning and assessment that gives staff autonomy over their teaching.


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